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Examples of Racial Discrimination in the Workplace

Man experiencing racial discriminationYou shouldn't have to experience racial discrimination in any workplace. Unfortunately, it can be prevalent in subtle and overt ways.

Racial discrimination is an infuriating, humiliating occurrence. It can also be confusing. You may wonder if someone's words or actions constitute discrimination. Or the person discriminating against you may try to pass it off as a joke.

An Overview of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Women and men should not have to deal with unwanted sexual advances, comments, or behaviors in the workplace. Unfortunately, many people suffer from a hostile or uncomfortable work environment due to sexual harassment. It is important to remember that this behavior is both unacceptable and illegal. No one should feel uncomfortable at work or be unable to advance their career due to the deplorable actions of someone else.

The “Severe or Pervasive” Hurdle to Sexual Harassment Cases

Sexual HarassmentThis fall has seen an empowering movement for women who have been sexually harassed in the workplace. From revelations about the egregious conduct of one of the most powerful men in Hollywood, Harvey Weinstein, to the downfall of one of the most recognizable faces in network news, Matt Lauer, America has begun to see how pervasive sexual harassment in the workplace is.