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The federal False Claims Act, as well as several state and city False Claims Acts, allow employees or any citizen to file a lawsuit on behalf of the federal government, a state government or a municipality for false or fraudulent claims that have been made to them.

These suits are often referred to as qui tam actions (Latin for “on behalf of the King”) and the persons bringing these claims are typically referred to as relators and/or whistleblowers. In order to file suit as a qui tam relator or whistleblower, you must have specific information that the defendant company or person engaged in fraud against a governmental entity or agency.

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Types of Whistleblower Actions

Almost any circumstance in which an industry works closely with a governmental agency gives rise to the potential of unlawful exploitation and fraud. Mr. Shoemaker has successfully prosecuted several types of fraud claims under the qui tam provisions of the False Claims Act and analogous state statutes. The types of claims we take for representation include:

Financial Recovery for Whistleblowers/Qui Tam Relators

Qui tam relators and whistleblowers are rewarded for their efforts by receiving a percentage of the recovery the government obtains based on their claim. Depending on whether you file your claim under the False Claims Act or another whistleblower statute, you may be entitled to between 15 and 30 percent of the recovery.

Whistleblower recoveries can be significant. Many qui tam relators have received tens of millions of dollars in awards.

Protect Your Rights as a Whistleblower

In order to protect your case and your rights as a whistleblower, it is important to remember a few key things:

  • Act quickly. You must be the first whistleblower to file your lawsuit or you may be cut out of the recovery.
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  • Consult with a lawyer and keep quiet with everyone else. Once you report the facts you have to your lawyers, do not discuss your case with anyone except your lawyers. This reduces the chance that a third party will take your information and be the first to file. It also avoids the dangers of having your case dismissed or you being held in contempt for revealing information after a case is filed and placed under seal in the court with appropriate jurisdiction.
  • Hire an experienced lawyer. Whistleblower cases are complex and can cost a significant amount of money, upfront, to prosecute.  We are willing to advance those costs and take the financial burden off of you.  It is critical that you hire an experienced lawyer who has the skill and resources to prosecute your case effectively.

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"Mr. Shoemaker cares deeply about his clients. He is an excellent lawyer, and I would use him again."

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