Sexual Harassment In The Workplace: Know Your Rights

workplace harassment

Experiencing sexual harassment can be very degrading and embarrassing, and an overall uncomfortable situation. If you are a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, you have rights under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other state laws. Always remember that you have the right to speak out against the perpetrator and that this sort of behavior should not be tolerated.

Take Action

In many situations regarding sexual harassment in the workplace, those working with you may not even realize the situation or what is going on. Speaking to them will help identify the problem and bring it to light. Take action by informing your employer of the situation so that they can bring a stop to it.

Fight for Your Rights

If speaking to an employer does not resolve the issue or prevent it from recurring, and you wish to pursue the matter further, it is your every right to take this to a court of law. This can be done by filing an administrative charge with the appropriate agency. This will either be the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or your state’s human rights enforcement agency.

If the agency does not follow up with your complaint, they will provide you with a “right to sue” notice. This is when you’ll be able to take legal action and proceed to the court of law. It is important to fight for your rights, as you deserve to have your rights upheld and respected. 

How an Attorney Can Help You

An Attorney can help you by providing legal guidance and advice, as well as help you build your case to present to the court. It is important to gather and collect evidence that can help you prove your case. It is important that you must have gotten a “right to sue” notice from the EEOC before you’ll be able to take any legal action.

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