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Mr. Shoemaker has handled five hostile environment sexual harassment cases that have resulted in six-figure recoveries. He has handled several more that have resulted in recoveries between $50,000 and $100,000.

A group of industrial workers retained Mr. Shoemaker to assert claims of unpaid overtime against their employer. This case dealt primarily with the workers not being paid for donning and doffing special equipment at the beginning and end of their shifts. The equipment was critical to the safe and effective performance of their positions. The employer had not been paying them for the time necessary to don and doff the equipment. Mr. Shoemaker obtained a settlement for his clients in the amount of $750,000.00.

Mr. Shoemaker has represented many relators in False Claims Act and Sarbanes-Oxley whistleblower actions. His clients have participated in cases that have resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars being returned to government agencies and his clients earning several millions of dollars in whistleblower awards. Mr. Shoemaker’s experience as an employment lawyer makes him a more effective qui tam lawyer. In several of these cases, parallel retaliation claims were also asserted that afforded his clients significant additional recoveries.

Three separate Fraternal Orders of Police have chosen Mr. Shoemaker to represent urban police forces in wage and hour matters. Two of these cases resulted in more than $3.8 million in settlements and a third case is still in litigation.

Mr. Shoemaker represented a group of African-American employees who asserted claims of race discrimination, harassment and retaliation against a large corporate employer. After months of litigation, hearings on various issues and numerous depositions, a settlement was recovered in the amount of $4,000,000.

An executive was fired after allegedly failing to inform her employer that she would return from Family and Medical Leave Act leave one day after her original anticipated return-to-work date. This executive had used less than half of her FMLA leave allotment, kept her employer fully informed of her status in accordance with its policies and procedures, and was entitled to more than twice the FMLA leave than she actually took. When her employer wrongfully terminated this executive mere hours after human resources erroneously thought she should be back at work, she hired Mr. Shoemaker. After a trial in United States District Court, she was awarded more than $747,000 in damages. This is the largest FMLA verdict ever obtained in Virginia.

A senior executive of a Fortune 100 company asserted that he was denied promotion opportunities because of his race. Mr. Shoemaker obtained a settlement for the executive in the amount of $1,400,000.

A corporate executive was fired after raising concerns about his company’s representations to Wall Street regarding the strength of its financial position and his complaints about significant acts of harassment. The executive was concerned, among other things, that certain of the representations to Wall Street were false and about acts of harassment that he and his co-workers faced. Mr. Shoemaker represented the executive, assembled evidence and submitted a demand to the employer. The case settled for $850,000 without Mr. Shoemaker’s client having to file suit.

Mr. Shoemaker represented a young African-American executive in a race discrimination case. Under his former supervisor, the young man excelled and was named Employee of the Year. After being assigned a new supervisor, things changed. The new supervisor used the most toxic racial epithets when discussing the young manager behind his back and treated him in a disparate and discriminatory manner. The new supervisor eventually fired the young man. Mr. Shoemaker gathered witnesses from across the country (California, Texas and South Carolina) and, serving as sole trial counsel against a multi-lawyer team from a large law firm, tried the case before a jury in United States District Court. The trial lasted for five days. The jury returned a verdict for Mr. Shoemaker's client in the amount of $620,000. Mr. Shoemaker successfully defended against the company's attempts to reduce or dismiss the verdict post-trial.

Two executives claimed that they were retaliated against in violation of the False Claims Act and, more specifically, 31 U.S.C. §3730(h). Mr. Shoemaker obtained a recovery of $350,000 for the executives without having to file suit.

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