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Healthcare fraud is unfortunately a huge concern for the nation, costing the government in excess of $60 billion per year. There are many ways in which healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies perpetuate fraud, and if you have inside information about healthcare fraud, you could be entitled to up to 30% of any damages if you blow the whistle.

James Shoemaker is an experienced whistleblower attorney, and as a partner in the law firm Pattern, Wornom, Hatten & Diamonstein, he has significant resources available to help your case. Call 757.223.4560 today for a free and confidential consultation.

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What Is Healthcare Fraud?

Healthcare fraud can consist of a number of different schemes, including:

  • Intentional miscoding
  • Billing for services not performed
  • Off-label marketing of pharmaceuticals
  • Kickbacks to doctors

Miscoding procedures performed in order to receive a larger reimbursement than is actually due and billing for services never actually performed just to get the reimbursement are both common types of fraud among healthcare providers.

Marketing drugs for non-FDA approved uses and providing lavish kickbacks to doctors in exchange for that doctor promoting a specific drug are both endemic to the pharmaceutical industry.

Medicare fraud and pharmaceutical fraud are both subsets of healthcare fraud.

Why Blow the Whistle on Healthcare Fraud?

Healthcare fraud not only affects the government, but also taxpayers by association. Rising costs of drugs and healthcare services mean that the general public pays more, and more people can't afford healthcare at all.

If you have knowledge of fraud being committed, the benefits of being the first to blow the whistle could be significant. Healthcare fraud cases often result in damages in the billions of dollars, of which you could be entitled to receive 15 to 30% as the first to file a qui tam whistleblower suit.

Protection Against Retaliation

You may be worried that blowing the whistle on an employer will result in the loss of your job or an inability to be hired at a new job. However, under the False Claims Act, you are protected against retaliation from an employer for exposing fraud. These protections include:

  • Loss of your job
  • Being blacklisted in the industry
  • Harassment or threats by your employer

If you experience employment-related troubles after bringing healthcare fraud to light, James Shoemaker can help you with legal protections.

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