Subtle Signs Of Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

sexual harassment

Sexual harassment, in any form, in any place, is a terrible thing to experience and should not exist. When sexual harassment occurs in the workplace it can be humiliating, tiring, angering, and also confusing. After all, the desire to not ‘make a fuss’ is one that is widespread and many who experience sexual harassment in the workplace tend to not say anything. However, that shouldn’t be the case. In the state of Virginia, for example, any unwelcome conduct that creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment is subject to be considered sexual harassment. Sexual harassment in the office can be daunting to combat alone, that’s why we’ve compiled a small list of subtle ways that sexual harassment can occur to best equip you against it.


Inappropriate Jokes And Suggestive Comments Can Be Signs Of Sexual Harassment

Naturally, there are some over-the-top examples of inappropriate jokes and suggestive comments; however, most often, the types of comments to actually be said in the workplace that constitute sexual harassment are far less obvious. Despite tone, intonation, or subtlety, making jokes or comments about demeaning women, jokes at the expense of sexuality, and even sharing sexual stories of their own can all be forms of sexual harassment.

Flirting Can Be Sexual Harassment

Flirting can be harmless; however, in the workplace, it can be sexual harassment, especially if you’ve already voiced your disinterest. In some cases, especially with dynamics of power in play at the workplace, voicing your disinterest can be difficult. If it feels like you are struggling to maintain professional boundaries due to treatment within the workplace, there may be sexual harassment present.

Retaliation Against Sexual Harassment Reporting In The Workplace

You may have already brought up to a higher up your feelings and the potential for sexual harassment to be in the workplace. However, aside from being heard, nothing has happened. Instead, in some instances, what can happen is subtle retaliation. Common ways this can occur include an Increase in workload, changing job responsibilities, or not receiving a promotion that was promised or earned.

What To Do If You’ve Experienced Sexual Harassment In The Workplace? 

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