A Whistleblower in the Education Field: Know Your Rights

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A Whistleblower in the Education Field: Know Your Rights

The idea of being a whistleblower always comes with numerous concerns no matter what field you may work in. But when it comes to the potential of fraud occurring in the education spectrum it can leave an incredibly sour taste in your mouth. Funding that should be going towards education programs and helping students is now being pocketed or used for corrupt means. It’s a big accusation to make, and one that comes with numerous consequences for all those involved, but we can help. Continue reading to find out more about why you should contact an education fraud lawyer.

Let Us Know What’s Going on

The first step in the process is simply getting in contact with us and letting us know what you think is going on. Tell us what evidence you have, and how you acquired it. From there we will rigorously review your information to see if there is a case to be had. We will not pursue a case if we do not feel as though one exists or if you’ve somehow gained evidence illegally. All of this has to be done in good conduct, from there if you have found serious evidence of fraud we will pursue it and ensure justice is done.

Know That We Will Protect Your Rights

Even if you end up being wrong after being a whistleblower you are still protected by rights. Meaning there is no direct retaliation that can be done against you simply for ensuring legal practices were occurring. However, if it is found you were attempting to do this maliciously then your company could sue you for such. But if your intentions were good and you gained your evidence through appropriate means your job and general self are protected.

You May Be Eligible for Compensation

Fraud takes on many different forms, some of which involve direct monetary values that involve you, and others are geared towards various programs. In either case, it is still beneficial to you to become a whistleblower if you notice fraud is occurring. This is because you still may be eligible for awarded compensation for bringing this injustice to light. This is another factor we can discuss together upon reviewing your potential case. We can let you know if we believe this will be possible in the results or not.

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