What Can A Whistleblower Do About Pharmaceutical Kickbacks?

Drug Kickbacks The pharmaceutical industry is big business, and the stakes are high – if there’s corruption in the process and a drug makes it to market when it shouldn’t, innocent people can get hurt.

One of the more common forms of pharmaceutical corruption is physician kickbacks. These have been illegal since 1987, but, sadly, this doesn’t mean that these kickbacks don’t still occur. We know they do.

If you’ve gained first-hand knowledge of illegal kickbacks – defined as a pharmaceutical company providing a financial incentive to physicians to prescribe their drugs – you have the option of blowing the whistle. This right is protected under federal law.

Because the anti-kickback law applies to physicians who participate in any federal government medical program, illegal kickbacks are considered fraud against the federal government. This means you can potentially file a qui tam whistleblower lawsuit in federal court.

In short, you’re not powerless. You don’t have to bite your tongue and watch as kickbacks just keep occurring. But it’s important that you have an experienced pharmaceutical fraud lawyer on your side to ensure your rights are protected and that you file your claim in strict accordance with relevant laws.

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