Proving Negligence in an Airplane Accident Case

If there’s one simple truth about the cases our Virginia Beach airplane accident attorney handles, it’s this: they are never simple. These are difficult, complicated cases.

That doesn’t mean they’re impossible. In fact, we have a proven track record of successfully pursuing these claims and winning the justice and compensation our clients deserve. But when it comes to proving negligence in an airplane accident case, there’s no substitute for experience in your attorney.

Mr. Shoemaker understands how to investigate airplane accidents, determine who is responsible and prove it in a court of law. When searching for an airplane accident attorney, there is no substitute for that.

A Professional, Comprehensive Approach

Aircraft Accident Attorney in Virginia Beach As with all personal injury cases, the key in airplane accident cases is proving negligence – demonstrating that an individual, multiple individuals or an organization (or any combination of thereof) violated the duty they had to other people through unacceptable negligence or misconduct.

Proving this isn’t always as easy as it sounds. “Negligence” is a term that has a very specific meaning in personal injury law. Demonstrating that an entity – especially a large company or other organization – was negligent according to the legal standard of proof requires ample evidence. The only way to acquire this evidence is through an effective investigation.

In many cases, the negligent parties in an airplane accident have included:

  • Pilots
  • Ground crew
  • Air traffic controllers
  • The designers or manufacturers of the aircraft
  • Mechanics
  • Designers or manufacturers of a specific part
  • The airline or other carrier

As you can see, there are a lot of possibilities in every airplane accident, and we will not go into your investigation with any pre-conceptions. We will follow the evidence where it leads, and we will not hesitate to pursue compensation from the liable party, even if it’s a large, powerful company with a capable legal team.

We can make that pledge because we have the resources and institutional knowledge to do so. We know how to shift through the wreckage of an airplane accident scene and how to analyze recovered evidence. We know how to interview witnesses and how to interpret federal regulations.

We will not be intimidated, either by the complexity of your case or by the size and power of the negligent parties. Our airplane accident attorney has a proven track record of helping victims like you in the aftermath of a catastrophic accident.

If you need an experienced airplane accident attorney in or around Virginia Beach, Virginia, please call James H. Shoemaker, Jr., Attorney at Law today at 757-223-4560 for a free consultation.

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