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What is Cross Charging Defense Contractor Fraud?

Cross charging is a widespread type of procurement fraud. It happens when a defense contractor illegally shifts expenses from one contract to another to increase the contractor’s profits.

Here is how cross charging defense contractor fraud tends to work. Say that a contractor has two contracts. One is a fixed-price contract, and one is a cost-plus contract.

Understanding the False Claims Act & Your Rights as a Whistleblower

man with whistleblower signWhistleblowers take a big risk when exposing fraudulent activities of companies. Retaliation against whistleblowers is prohibited, but this doesn’t prevent companies from taking improper actions. To protect yourself as a whistleblower, you need an experienced lawyer who understands your rights and how to protect you from illegal retaliation.

What Is Procurement Fraud?

Business man hands packet containing contract and cash bribe to another man.Not unlike any other business, the government purchases or “procures” billions of dollars-worth of goods and services from private contractors to keep its operations running. These procurements can include everything from fighter jets and new bridges to printers and paper clips.

Examples of Defense Contractor Fraud

Business man pocketing money and laughingDefense contractor fraud can cost United States taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. Worse yet, this illegal and unethical behavior endangers the safety of our troops in the name of profit, something that is both egregious and unacceptable. If you are aware of defense contractor fraud, you have an obligation and a duty to blow the whistle.