Examples of Defense Contractor Fraud

Business man pocketing money and laughing Defense contractor fraud can cost United States taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. Worse yet, this illegal and unethical behavior endangers the safety of our troops in the name of profit, something that is both egregious and unacceptable. If you are aware of defense contractor fraud, you have an obligation and a duty to blow the whistle.

What Does Defense Contractor Fraud Look Like?

Examples of defense contractor fraud include:

  • Overcharging
  • Cross charging
  • Improper cost allocation
  • Procurement fraud
  • The use of cheap/unacceptable materials
  • Product substitution
  • Record tampering and falsification
  • Creating a shell corporation
  • TINA violations

Contractors can commit fraud during the bidding process and some may even resort to bribery to secure lucrative contracts with the United States government.

Blow the Whistle

If you suspect contractor fraud, you have a duty to report it. Whistleblowing is a federally protected action that can even result in financial compensation when it leads to a conviction and recovery. Despite these things, it can be unnerving to come forward with information. This is one of the top reasons to have an experienced attorney on your side.

Newport News defense contractor fraud attorney James Shoemaker, along with his partners at Patten, Wornom, Hatten & Diamonstein, have the resources and tenacity needed to win these cases. With over 24 experienced attorneys at 50 para-professionals on staff, we work to protect whistleblowers against retaliation while helping to bring to justice those who would defraud the government, steal from taxpayers, and endanger American Troops.

Your Rights as a Whistleblower

Under tha False Claims Act, whistleblowers are protected against:

  • Pay cuts
  • Demotions
  • Harassment
  • Threats

You cannot be fired for blowing the whistle. You cannot be intimidated or coerced. You cannot be punished in any way for alerting the government to fraud being perpetrated against the American people. You may, however, be rewarded for your efforts through financial compensation if the case results in a recovery for the government.

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