What Does Employment Law Cover?

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A wide range of workplace issues are covered by employment law, including:am I protected by employment law virginia

  • Overtime violations: The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) provides protections against wage theft issues such as not being paid overtime, being paid less than minimum wage, or being forced to do work off the clock.
  • Racial and sexual harassment or discrimination: You have a right to do your work without being harassed, passed over for deserved promotions, or terminated because of your gender or race.
  • Wrongful termination: Employees may not be fired in retaliation for becoming whistleblowers, nor may they be fired on the basis of their gender or race.
  • Workplace retaliation: If you expose fraud in the company, report sexual or racial harassment, or report other violations of the law, you are protected against retaliation in the form of termination, demotion, pay cut, loss of hours, or other retaliatory actions.
  • Employment or severance contract negotiations: Employment contracts and severance packages can be complex, and are not always favorable towards the employee. Having a lawyer look over your contract before signing can save you problems down the line.

An experienced employment law attorney can help you navigate legal problems you face at work. We understand how valuable your career is, and will help you obtain the best possible outcome.

Why Hire An Employment Law Attorney?

Even if you do not want to litigate against your employer, it can be valuable to obtain expert legal advice if you find yourself in a problematic situation at your workplace. James Shoemaker and his team can help you review the situation and give you advice about the best way to proceed to obtain the most favorable outcome.

If it does come down to litigation, Mr. Shoemaker will utilize all of the considerable resources at his disposal to help you achieve the best possible results, which may include compensation in the six or seven figures depending on your case.

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