Is it Worth the Risk to Blow the Whistle on Corporate Corruption?

whistleblower text Whistleblowers discover corporate corruption and take action to hold the company accountable. This is a brave and commendable decision, as it comes with the risk of the corporation retaliating against you.

When you decide to take the risk of retaliatory actions because you know that reporting the fraud is the right thing to do, you need whistleblower attorney James H. Shoemaker on your side. Mr. Shoemaker understands how to protect whistleblowers and has successfully worked high profile whistleblower cases, such as the 2009 Pfizer recovery.

Risks of Whistleblowing

Often, a whistleblower is an employee of the company who, upon witnessing fraudulent or unethical practices, refuses to allow such actions to continue. When you blow the whistle on your employer, it is not uncommon for the employer to retaliate, even though the law prohibits such actions. You will likely need Mr. Shoemaker’s knowledge and experience to protect yourself against retaliatory actions like:

  • Suspending you from work
  • Demoting you or reducing your pay
  • Harassing you and or otherwise mistreating you at work
  • Terminating your employment
  • Withholding benefits or other due compensation

Protections and Rewards

It is important to know your rights as a whistleblower. You do not have to accept maltreatment in your workplace or face being blacklisted in your industry. You may also be entitled to compensation for providing the information needed to bring a corrupt company to justice.

  • Protection from Retaliation – Your employer may use blatant or subtle tactics to punish you for reporting corruption. Without a full understanding of your rights as a whistleblower, it can be challenging and intimidating to push back. 

Know that your employer is prohibited from taking retaliatory actions against you, but also understand that the law does not stop many companies from acting out against whistleblowers. Powerful corporations often have the resources and connections to make it appear that they are firing or demoting you for a reason unrelated to your whistleblowing. Mr. Shoemaker knows how to recognize such efforts and prove retaliation to get you reinstated or otherwise compensated for your employer’s retaliation.

  • Recovering Compensation for your Efforts – Depending on the industry and type of whistleblower case, you could be entitled to a monetary award for your role in bringing the corrupt company to justice. You could receive a percentage of the court awarded amount, attorney’s fees, or other compensation. Mr. Shoemaker is experienced in a range of whistleblower situations and will work hard to get the reward you deserve.
  • Preventing Future Wrongdoings – The intrinsic reward of stopping corruption is often enough to carry a whistleblower through the process. By exposing wrongdoings like pharmaceutical fraud, in which clinical trial results are manipulated, medication risks are concealed, and prices are inflated, you are preventing untold numbers of consumers from harm and hardship.

Schedule a Whistleblower Consultation

Putting yourself on the line to expose corporate corruption is nothing to take lightly. For most whistleblowers, it is easy to identify the right thing to do but much more difficult to determine how to protect themselves while exposing the wrongdoing.

If you have become aware of corporate corruption, it is important to act now. If you are not the first to file a lawsuit, you may not receive a portion of the recovery. Call 757-223-4580 to schedule a consultation with Mr. Shoemaker. We serve clients in Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads, Washington, D.C., and across the nation.

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