Healthcare Fraud During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Healthcare fraud during COVID-19 Healthcare fraud has always been a problem in this country. Some estimates suggest that as much as 10 percent of all annual healthcare spending is paid out on fraudulent claims. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has drawn new attention to this crime.

Healthcare fraud hurts patients at a time that they are already suffering. It increases the cost of drugs and healthcare services so much that some people can’t afford healthcare at all.

Equally problematic, healthcare fraud can result in unnecessary medical procedures being performed or drugs being prescribed. In this day and age, it can even contribute to a lack of money to buy respirators and other life-saving equipment.

Your Duty to Report Healthcare Fraud

If you have information about healthcare fraud, you could be eligible to receive up to 30% of any damages as a whistleblower. Billions of dollars of damages are often at stake in these cases. That could turn into a significant recovery on your part.

Beyond the financial benefit, you have a duty to report healthcare fraud. It has serious implications for the industry, the public, and the country during the best of times. During a global pandemic, the stakes are even higher.

Feel Confident Blowing the Whistle

Your employer can not retaliate against you for exposing healthcare fraud. You have protections under the False Claims Act.

You cannot lose your job or be blacklisted in the industry for reporting fraud. It is also illegal for your employer to harass or threaten you.

If you run into problems after unmasking intentional miscoding, billing for services not performed, or other instances of fraud, our attorney can help ensure your rights are protected.

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