Blowing the Whistle on Medicare and Medicaid Fraud

Medicare and Medicaid Fraud

Medicare and Medicaid FraudIn fiscal year 2023, Medicare and Medicaid had about $115 billion in “improper payments.” Medicare and Medicaid fraud not only costs taxpayers, but it can compromise the health care system. Fraud covers many activities, including but not limited to kickbacks, overcharging, billing for services a medical professional did not provide, and submitting false claims. Employees of a medical facility can report instances of their employer committing Medicare and Medicaid fraud by contacting a whistleblower attorney.

The Importance of Whistleblowers

The healthcare industry relies on whistleblowers to help expose healthcare fraud. Whistleblowers have allowed significant recoveries for the government. They also help mitigate future fraudulent activities. Whistleblowers have caused large-scale fraud schemes by nursing homes, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and more to be exposed.

Payment for Whistleblowers

Congress established an investor protection fund that allows for payments to whistleblowers. The money comes from fines paid by companies who violate securities laws. When a whistleblower voluntarily provides the SEC with credible information that leads to successful enforcement, the whistleblower could recover as much as 30 percent of the money the government collects when sanctions exceed $1 million.

The Dodd-Frank Act directs the SEC to protect your confidentiality and does not disclose information that could lead to your identity.

How to Report Medicare and Medicaid Fraud

Because whistleblower cases are extremely complex and have deadlines that cannot be missed, the best way to report Medicare and Medicaid fraud is to contact a Medicare and Medicaid fraud whistleblower attorney.

Your attorney can file the appropriate documents with the proper agency and work with the government to keep your identity secret, even though employers are not permitted to take adverse action against you for filing a claim.

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